• + 638 wav files
  • + 6.4 GB
  • + 4 hr 42 min runtime
  • + 192k/96k/48k/44k at 24bit
  • + Rich soundminer metadata



Door Creaks & Beyond is a crowdsourced sound effects library, which is composed entirely of sounds that were submitted from sound designers and recordists from around the world. This collection features door creaks of all shapes, sizes, and varieties, including airplane hangars, victorian manors, appliances, wood stoves, gates, cabinets, and everything in between.

This library of door creaks, openings, closings, slams, and beyond is a perfect example of how crowdsourcing can create a remarkable sound effects library with unparalleled diversity. With over 600 sounds, this collection covers just about every type of door sound you can imagine. I’m confident that this library will satisfy any door related needs you come across in your projects.


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